• 5.5" x 4.25" Real Flower Handmade Paper Card - Only $2 each (Set of 6 = total $12)


    *Read Flower Handmade Paper Card with Blank Insert Note & Envelope

    1) B-F-BLA = BLANK                             

    2) B-F-HAP = with word "Happy Birthday"

    3) B-F-THA = with word "Thanks"          

    4) B-F-CON = with word "congratulations"

    5) B-F-GET = with word "Get Well"        

    6) B-F-FAI = with word "Faith"

    7) B-F-LOV = with word "Love"               

    8) B-F-HOP = with word "Hope"

    *Inspired by Tsai Lun who invented paper in China in 105 A.D. We is devoted to keeping the traditional art of paper-making alive by adding natural accents and colors. We used only the yearly new growth portion of living trees and have added choices of pressed whole flowers, petals, plant fibers and flower sap. They are ideal for paper-crafts, stationery, decoration, scrap book, gift wrapping and other art projects.